First ever of, no doubt many, midnight missives…

First ever of, no doubt many, midnight missives…

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Hi there!

What an original way to start a blog no?

I am writing my first ever post in order to simply get things rolling ….

My teacher told me that it takes alot of effort to get a big ball rolling.. But once it gains momentum...?! Who knows where it can go?!

Today I did my weekly show on my local community radio station here in the Manning Valley –2BOB FM.

I love doing it – its my weekly “musical appreciation” two hours.. Anyway the reason I mention it is my ‘get the ball rolling’ comment reminded me of a song I played on tonight’s show – the “Driving Home” program.

It was a track by a band from Melbourne called “Flap!” – and the song I played is called “Tomorrow is a Fat Man”.

Here is a snippet:

“Tomorrow is a fat man with no arms or legs and I know him pretty well and I think I’ll guarantee that the fuckers gonna roll around inevitably, because tomorrow is a fat man with no arms or legs.”

Genius! I love those guys and this song makes me smile – much better with the fab music that goes with it of course – somehow it seems fitting to me to mention it here on my first little baby fledgling post…

If you are here you will perhaps have noted the name of this blog and its tagline.. “A Day of Exciting Instability…each dawn is a new beginning…”

I find the truth of this to be at once so comforting and so exciting!

I am not sure if tomorrow is a fat man with no arms or legs.. But I do think that today and tomorrow are good bed fellows to a decent sense of humor and some music in your life. And that each day holds a whole new wealth of experiences to be had.

Throw in the boundless possibilities available to each and every one of us and I for one, feel pleased to be embarking upon yet another day of exciting instability.

And to know that tomorrow – fat man or no – will be another day of the same potential and that then there will be another.. And another…And another…And…You getting my drift here???!

If you are reading this let me say – thank you so much for checking in! – I look forward to growing this here ‘lil baby blog and my associated websites and businesses – so many interesting things on the horizons!!! I look forward to seeing what happens! 🙂

And I also look forward to having a place to tell some stories – of interesting things I have read, places I have been, people I have met, questions I want to ask and so on and so forth… Having a little linguistic boat with which to push off in exploration of the brave new(ish) realm of the world wide web and to see what is to be found..

What waits beyond the next horizon? What adventures lay as yet undiscovered? Skies upon skies are available to you...

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