Hello old friend!

Hello old friend!

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Why hello there! This is slightly awkward, yet still rather lovely to run into you again after all these years.. And to find you still here patiently waiting.. Not creepy! No! Not at all! I mean, I created you, and then kinda just forgot about you, so I suppose I must take responsibility for this long lapse in communication and bring you up to speed.

Well, first things first, I narcissistically named you after myself. Well, me and every other person born on what I absolutely consider to be the best birth date of the year – 24/7


According to the book ‘The Secret Language of Birthdays’ by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers, my birthday is a ‘day of exciting instability’. I no longer recall why I chose this as your name, but the description of my personality in this book has always resonated, so I suppose I decided to just roll with it (check out their birthday profiles here, and, just in case you take it too seriously, dont forget to bear in mind the Forer Effect).


So, blog name aside, what have I been doing for the last almost 2 and a half years?

What happened to all my talk of business and Fair Trade and jewellery and high hopes and cyber domination? Well, in a nutshell, it mostly got put on the back burner.

Mostly except not all.

After a fairly successful, and, incredibly tiring, Summer trading season at the end of 2011, I applied as a late applicant to the Design Centre Enmore to study the Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design. I wanted to focus on learning more hand skills in my jewellery making. But more than that, I wanted to explore the world of design.

Fast forward to now, Valentine’s day 2014, and I find myself at home with my major love – my work.

But also with a questioning mind as to where I see myself this time a year from now when I will be jettisoned back into the ‘real’ world..

Which is how I came to remember YOU dear blog! I suddenly thought of all those ideas and hopes I had and I am quite glad to say that I think those same ideals remain with me.

I have this year of luxurious and slave-driving learning and working ahead of me, but when I ask myself where I want to be in the future, various logistics aside…

I come back to this same conclusion – I want to create, I want to design, and I want my work to be within the context of some greater meaning.

what the world needs

And that is my next challenge – amongst many!

To consider how I can balance my personal exploration of my creative drive with finding a wider context for it outside of myself.

That should be pretty easy then, I will check in with the results next Tuesday.

The first wearable I designed and made in 2012 entitled ‘Circled’. The course at the Design Centre Enmore teaches a concept based design process for creating Contemporary Art Jewellery.
This piece is inspired by the Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder.






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